Weissr® Capex Strategy

Weissr® Capex Strategy enables you to define the optimal cash flow maximizing capex strategy based on thorough scenario and sensitivity testing. It allows businesses to quickly compare, update and evaluate a tremendous amount of whole-business capital related strategic alternatives for better and faster decision-making in the ever-changing business environment. The defined capex strategy then governs the capital budgeting process and all capex decisions, applying a strategic lens to the streamlined and standardized evaluation of all capital expenditures, ensuring the best possible deployment of capital for the entire systemno more capital expenditures that do not add any value to your business.  




Weissr® Capex Strategy will not only redesign the way you think of capital allocation and budgeting –  it also has the potential to increase your future cash flow by up to 100%.

This is done by ignoring capex project’s NPV/IRR/paybacks – since those are irrelevant for capital allocation. Corporations today have bottom-up capex processes where the strategy is executed and shaped by the single capex decisions. 

Weissr® Capex Strategy helps corporations to maximize long-term cash flow by facilitating a proven capex process with a whole-business perspective that guides the capex decisions from top-down. The result is a significant increase of company cash flow, which our references would testify to.  

Increased future cash flow by up to 100% 

A defined strategy maximizing future cash flow with a buy-in from the participants in the capex strategy process

Evaluate the timing of various strategic moves and capital expenditures

Possibility to, at any time, investigate new strategic alternatives and evaluate it against the established capex strategy

A better understanding of how different market changes and scenarios affect the value creation of the current production units and current capex strategy

Avoiding the pitfalls of traditional investment process with an increased success rate of capital expenditures 

Compare, update and evaluate whole-business alternatives in justaclick (as opposed to days)


Full-scale companywide cash flow modelling
Effortlessly produce unlimited iterations of strategic alternatives
Extensive scenario testing and sensitivity analysis
Automated report presentations (fully customizable)


Transparent change log

Why use Weissr® Capital Expenditure software?


  • Inefficient process​
  • Time consuming​
  • Error-prone​
  • Lacks transparency​

Client/Server Workflow

  • In-house SharePoint/Lotus Notes
  • Limited/no capex functionality
  • Difficult to administer and quickly outdated
  • Expensive to manage

Generic SaaS

  • EPM/PPM/BPM not purposely built for capex
  • Offering improved access, implementation, and compliance

Weissr® Capex Budget & Management

  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital
  • Completely digitized process
  • Transparency, control and overview 
  • Prioritize between capexes
  • Compare budget alternatives
  • Cutting-edge inhouse software development
  • Allows fast and fact-based decision-making
  • Industry leading implementation and integration

Weissr® Capex Strategy

  • Complete capital allocation system for maximizing  long-term cash flow from a whole company point of view
  • Identify, agree on and implement the optimal capex strategies
  • Identify what investment creates value and which that does not
  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital expenditures

*Capex Strategy will govern the Capex Budget & Management processes

Long-term cash flow improvements

Significant for winning corporations is that they understand that the ongoing process of consolidation continues unabated, even in growing markets. They plan years ahead for these developments, resulting in making fewer bad and more good capex decisions.

Fredrik Weissenrieder, CEO & Founder

Since 1994 

Weissenrieder & Co mainly works in the Americas and Europe enabling capital-intensive companies to significantly improve asset decision-making and cash flow generation, unleashing 100s of millions and sometimes billions of dollars in enterprise value. With over 25 years of experience in capital allocation and management we have identified severe problems within traditional Capex Management that results in wasted capital for companies. In truth most companies do not realize this because the problems are the very methods, perspectives, processes and systems used to analyze and support the major capex decisions among production sites.  

Weissr® Capex Strategy has been developed to enable companies to avoid these pitfalls of the traditional investment process to increase the success rate of companies’ capital allocation decisions. To maximize future cash flow generation, it is essential for all companies to find the best capex strategy to guide the capex decisions. Weissr® Capex Strategy is unique – and industry changing – since it enables the complete handling from capex strategy to capex budgeting and capex management in the same system, institutionalizing the focus on long-term cash flow. 

Training and Certifications

We offer training opportunities for Capex Professionals! After participation in the course, and a successfully completed knowledge and skills test, a Weissr® Professional Certification is awarded (and verified via Credly).

Weissr Capex Strategy Proficiency I

Open for Weissr® Capex Strategy users. 5 training sessions, ending with a test of theoretical and practical skills. Successful participants receive a certification of demonstrated fundamental level of Weissr Capex Strategy mastery, including the concepts of Capex Strategy and the common pitfalls of standard capital allocation methods.

Our groundbreaking take on capital allocation

In the white paper, “The Capex Process The Tail Wags the Dog”, we describe how companies apply their capex process, and how universities teach us to make capex decisions, lead to massive capital destruction. Almost all companies in all industries evaluate capex decisions in basically the same way.


The Tail Wags the Dog


La Cola mueve al Perro 


O rabo abanando o cachorro


Der schwanz wedelt mit dem hund