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Redesigning Capex Strategy

Published by McGraw Hill

We have finally written our book on Capex Strategy! After having worked with our capex strategy process and tool with our clients for twenty years, we are now sharing our experiences and knowledge with you.

Why use Weissr® Capital Expenditure software?


  • Inefficient process​
  • Time consuming​
  • Error-prone​
  • Lacks transparency​

Client/sever workflow

  • In-house SharePoint/Lotus Notes
  • Limited/no capex functionality
  • Difficult to administer and quickly outdated
  • Expensive to manage

Generic SaaS

  • EPM/PPM/BPM not purposely built for capex
  • Offering improved access, implementation, and compliance

Weissr® Capex Budget & Management

  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital
  • Completely digitized process
  • Transparency, control and overview 
  • Prioritize between capexes
  • Compare budget alternatives
  • Cutting-edge inhouse software development
  • Allows fast and fact-based decision-making
  • Industry leading implementation and integration

Weissr® Capex Strategy

  • Complete capital allocation system for maximizing  long-term cash flow from a whole company point of view
  • Identify, agree on and implement the optimal capex strategies
  • Identify what investment creates value and which that does not
  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital expenditures

*Capex Strategy will govern the Capex Budget & Management processes

Long-term cash flow improvements

The Weissr® Capex solutions digitally transform the capital allocation process. Customers realize greater agility and resiliency by combining our process orchestration, automated decision workflows, scenario modelling, capex strategy adherence, institutionalized follow-up, analytics and increased competitiveness, growth and long-term cash flow while mitigating compliance risk.

Digitize your capital expenditure process with the Weissr® Capex system. Gain transparency, control and overview of your capital allocations. Replace spreadsheets, inefficient manual processes and jerry-built SharePoint solutions with a streamlined process, sleek, digital, and tailored forms, financial models, approval routing and create one standard for all users, no matter where in the world they are.

Weissr® Capex software is developed by industry thought-leaders with more than 25 years of experience developing capital allocation strategies for leading international corporations across all 6 continents. It is the only system that combines Capex Strategy, Capital Budgeting and Capex Management which makes sure enterprises are making the right decisions in the right place.

Extensive capex software with powerful modules

To be able to develop a sustainable and maximized long-term cash flow, successful companies need to develop a Capex Strategy that maximizes long-term value and subsequently have it define the budgeting and capex management processes. Challenging without a doubt, but we at Weissenrieder & Co have been doing this every day since 1994. We have developed the Weissr® Capex software to empower companies to understand the real effects of different business alternatives and market scenarios.

Capex Strategy

  • Identify, agree on, and implement the optimal capex strategies for maximizing long-term cash flow
  • Identify what capital expenditures that create value and which that do not
  • Flexible cash flow modelling, custom built for you
  • Understand the actual monetary value of the investment opportunity in combination with other investments
  • Understand and describe the value creation of different alternatives and market scenarios.

Read our groundbreaking text on why most capital in companies isn’t allocated correctly, now available in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. →

Capex Budgeting

  • Create, evaluate, and follow up capital expenditure budgets in a standardized and structured manner
  • Easily build and compare alternative budgets, multi-year, seamlessly connected to requests
  • Save time, increase transparency and accountability while preventing bad capex spending, increasing cash flow by up to 100%
  • Enable collaboration, allow multiple users to work in one or several budget alternatives simultaneously, wherever they are
  • Easy follow-up with full integration with all ERP systems through open APIs
  • Enable faster reaction to changing business conditions with flexible adjustments to the budget plan
  • Automate capex follow up and deviation reports
  • Follow both decision amounts and spending with dual focus reports

Capex Management

  • Standardized end-to-end digital capex process across your whole organization
  • Prioritize between capexes, ensuring that the right decision is taken at the right time
  • Take fast and fact-based decisions focused on value creation
  • Never chase an approval again with a Weissr® Capex approval process
  • Forgot when you last updated a request? With the Weissr® Capex software, you have a detailed change log for 100% traceability
  • Weissr® is a completely web-based solution, allowing easy access wherever you are
  • Weissr® ensures that every capex decision is in line with your company’s capex strategy
  • All capex forms, requests, and financial models are fully customizable and then standardized throughout the organization
  • Be in full control with the Weissr® Capex system’s personalized dashboard for easy capex analysis, forecasting and reporting
  • It has never been easier to find what you are looking for – in Weissr® Capex Management everything is searchable and filterable

Capex Strategy

Capex Strategy – identify and build the optimal capex planning strategy

Weissr® Capex Strategy allows you to build the best long-term financial strategy for your system of production sites. Our team takes care of the modelling while you focus on the data and all the exciting ideas you would like to simulate. The software makes it possible to map the cash flow generation and investment needs of your business today, and how different strategic alternatives will impact them in the future. In an iterative way, each site acts as a building block of a bigger ensemble; easily shape and compare different strategies to finally find the perfect combination for the whole system that will maximize long-term cash flow generation. Weissr® Capex Strategy can handle, compare and present an unprecedented amount of data, giving you the tools to make the best, informed, and strategically sound decisions for your business going forward. 

Capex Budgeting

Capex Budgeting – better capital expenditure budgeting, higher cash flow

Weissr® Capex Budgeting automates and integrates investments, and budgeting processes, creating an accommodating and efficient workflow when working with different budget alternatives.

Starting to work with a new capital budget alternative for the coming years has never been easier as capex requests are integrated in the same system. Instantly sort, prioritize, and visualize the portfolio of requests. Weissr® Capital Budgeting is designed for collaboration and sharing tasks between users. Follow-ups, deviation reports and analyses are only a click away – allowing the team to spend more time making better fact-based investment decisions. 

Capex Management

Capex Management – automate the capital expenditure process

Weissr® Capex Management digitizes and automates the investment process, from idea through approval routing to follow-up, empowering decision makers to make better decisions. Weissr® Capex sets the standard for any serious organization regarding accountability, transparency and traceability in the capex and investment process.

Weissr® Capex Management ensures that the discrete capex decisions are in line with the Capital Budget and overall Capex Strategy to maximize long-term cash flow. It increases the transparency and accountability of your capital expenditures.  Leave the error-prone spreadsheets and local versions of documents and transition to a single, standardized version of forms and calculation models. Furthermore, customizations will incorporate your specific needs and requirements taking company policies and compliances into account. This will improve your work efficiency and enable you to spend more time on the activities that really add value to your organization.

How to use the Weissr® Capex software

The Weissr® Capex software enables you to define a Capex Strategy, create capex budgets and manage the life cycle of your capital expenditures. Escape non-standardized and creative capital requesting and instead create requests in a company-specific and standardized format. Aggregate KPI data, forecast your spending and follow up on your projects directly within the Weissr® system.

Your Capex Strategy will drive all capex decisions, applying a strategic lens to the streamlined and standardized evaluation of all requests, ensuring the best possible deployment of capital for the entire company.

Define a Capex Strategy

Manage the life cycle of your capital expenditures

Create Capex Budgets

Escape non-standardized and creative capital requesting

Create requests in a company- specific and standardized format

Aggregate KPI data

Remove complicated issues and put everything in one place, one tool.

The Weissr® Capex System transforms the capex process.

"How to compare capexes against each other?"

Standardized documents, forms and charts across the whole organization enables comparing apples to apples and makes it easy to follow multiple capexes at the very same time.

"How do I know what individual capex is best for us across all our 72 sites abroad?"

Compare capexes with improved transparency and decision support across your whole footprint. Right decisions at the right time and right place.

"Can my team work together on a capex project across different time zones, continents and home offices?"

Weissr® is designed for collaboration from anywhere.

"How do I quickly create different capital budget scenarios?"

Weissr® Capex Budgeting allows you to quickly create and compare alternative multi-year budgets, as they are seamlessly connected to requests.

"I want to minimize the amount of manual work prior to the investment council meetings and subsequent approval run?"

Weissr® Capex Management approval routing includes documents that are version-handled which means the right information gets the right signature, straight away without any chasing.

"The data in the Excel document is missing/has changed/been deleted."

No more lost information, everything that happens in the system is logged. Including changes in the cash flow model.

"Building our own capex management system takes ages!"

Weissr® has industry-leading fast implementation of a system that is constantly developing to improve user experience and performance.

"Haven’t we done this before? Can we get a better deal if we coordinate all purchases centrally?"

Make better decisions with free text search of all capexes done, everywhere and across your whole footprint.

"How do I know if the investment achieved its intended value?"

Weissr® institutionalizes the follow-up process and allows you to follow-up not just if the project was within budget and time but also non-financial KPIs. The post turnkey follow-up adds facts.

We have established long-term capital expenditure strategies for over 700 production sites.

Weissenrieder & Co is the international leader in Capex Strategy and Capex Management. We enable clients to optimize Capex Strategy decisions, thereby maximizing their cash flow. Since 1994, we have established long-term capex strategies for over 700 production sites on 6 continents and have advised on assets with a replacement value of US $362 billion.

Our unique methods and systems enable industrial companies to optimize their Capex Strategy and capital allocation in order to maximize their total cash flow.

I wouldn’t recommend Weissenrieder & Co to one of my immediate competitors because I want the competitive advantage it brings.”

John Williams

CEO, Domtar

We support you all the way

We are the leaders in capex strategy and capex management, and we will guide you all the way from customization to implementation and support. All to make sure that you get the best possible experience and value of the Weissr® Capex solution.


The Weissr® Capex software is the accumulation of 25+ years’ worth of experience working with capex and capex only. Developed not only to ensure that the right capex decisions are made, but also to ease your working days.   

Expert services

Our team of consultants are there whenever you need, providing expert consulting within hours on any conceptual or philosophical issue that might arise regarding capital allocation.  


Our implementation process ensures that the users have the right knowledge to start working in their customized Weissr® straight away. 


We offer support for your customized Weissr® from our experienced support team. 


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Frequently asked questions

How fast can we transition from our existing system to your Weissr® Capex software solution?

Weissr® is developed to be easily customizable to your capex process and needs. It is a cloud-based solution that does not require download. Our fast onboarding and implementation process is led by our experienced Customer Success team. They will work together with your IT and finance team to deliver a condensed implementation process. They are known to have performed installations in a matter of days.

How many modules can we use at the same time?

All modules are developed to function seamlessly with one another. They can also be integrated with your ERP or EPM system.

How does Weissr® Capex Budget & Management compare to one developed in Excel & SharePoint system?

  • Cost – Even though you most probably already have both SharePoint and Excel, developing your own Capex solution or outsourcing thereof will typically cost you more than investing in a tailormade solution. Especially when you consider the cost to continuously develop it in order to keep up with industry-leading systems. In addition, Weissr® gives you access to an experienced support team with years of experience working with all aspects around Capexes.
  • Ease of Use – Weissr® Capex intuitive and clean interface, in combination with your organization’s documents, reduces training and implementation challenges.
  • Customization – Customize installation for the features your organization needs.
  • Connectors – Communicate with other software solutions you work with through open APIs.
  • Functionality – The end-to-end Weissr® Capex platform is the result of more than 25 years of experience working with Capex and related questions. Our theoretical thought-leadership combined with our world-class inhouse software development team guarantees our customers are always at the forefront of technical development. This is what we do, day in, day out. It is our core activity. Developing something by yourself will be very costly and difficult to keep updated in terms of technology and features.

Can I use the Weissr® Capex Management modules remotely and access it from a web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari)?

The Weissr® Capex Management module is completely web-based and accessible with all browsers. (Optimized for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari)

Can I share documents with various stakeholders with Weissr® Capex Software?

Yes, document sharing is facilitated within the system with complete traceability. Capex requests can also be exported for printing, sharing and documentation in the format of your choice.

Do you offer on-going customer training and enhanced development support for your Weissr® Capital expenditure software solution?

We offer complete and personal training and on-going support for all users. In addition, we are always looking to improve and develop our offer to give our customers the best possible experience.

How does Weissr® ensure that our information is secured from intruders?

It is of great importance for us that your information is yours and ours only. Weissr® therefore complies with OWASP as well as using NIDS tools and SSL to secure your data. We also perform intrusion tests on a regular basis. All to make sure that your data are in good hands.

What are the Weissr® system requirements?

Web browser:

Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari


Linux or Windows Server

Java 11 JDK

Tomcat 9.x (Possible other up-to-date Web Servers on request)

CPU: Intel Xeon (8+ cores)

RAM: 4GB (depending on size of database)

HDD: 1TB (depending on size of attachments)


MS SQL engine 13

SMTP account

Write permissions on folder for storing files/attachments

Java 11 JDK

Tomcat 9


Domain name

NGINX Proxy server for SSL support

Amazon SNS account for 2-factor authorization (we are open for suggestions to support other services)

OpenID Connect configuration properties

Is Weissr® GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is completely GDPR complient, covering requirements about transparency, data security, accountability/goverannce and privacy rights.