Weissr® Capex Management

Weissr® Capex Management digitizes and automates the investment process – from idea through approval routing to post-completion follow up, empowering decision makers to increase the ratio of successful decisions.

Weissr® Capex Management is designed to support any organization with international sites and footprint to accountability, transparency and traceability in the capital expenditure and investment process.  

Weissr® Capex Management ensures every Capex decision is in line with your Capital Budget and overall Capex Strategy to maximize long-term cash flow. It increases the transparency, and accountability of your capital expenditures. Move on from spreadsheets, e-mail chains, and local versions of documents to a single source of truth.




Evaluation of capex requests with standard KPIs. 

Role-based user access, aligned with your SSO

Comprehensive investment plans 

Advanced search and filter functionality to quickly find what you are looking for 

Transparent detailed change log

Automatic notifications for decision makers and stakeholders

Automated and streamlined end-to end workflow from the capex request to post-completion review

Collaboration and sharing of tasks, e.g. per user group/production unit/region/division 

Create a budget portfolio in seconds rather than weeks

Manages multiple currencies, FX-rates, Tac rated, WACCs, etc

Continuous monitoring of the approved capex budget with status overview and reallocations 

Overview of initial capex requested vs actual capex spent 

A digitized and streamlined capex management process enables better quality of data and is less time-consuming than manual capex management processes.

Gain complete control and overview of your capex management process.

Weissr® Capex Management lets you keep track of hundreds of investments running parallel over time. 

You will never have to spend a lot of time searching for the information you want as everything Weissr® Capex Management is searchable. 

Faster approval processes allowing for quicker response to business changes or unexpected events.

Reduced risk of miscommunication between decision makers and stakeholders.

Never forget to follow up on your capital expenditures and learn from what you have done. Weissr® acts as a knowledge bank to hinder you from making bad capex decisions.  

Capex request data aggregation and comparison has never been easier or more understandable than with Weissr® Capex Management.

Pain points & challenges 

The first wave of digitalization of the finance department focused on mature transactional accounting processes like Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Still untouched are the manual or processes of requesting, monitoring, approving and following up on capital expenditures. These processes are not only time-consuming, inefficient, lacking quality and control; they also prevent decision-makers making better capex decisions.

Together with our customers we have identified the following common challenges related to the non-digital capital management process: 

  • The manual capex management processes lack a complete investment overview
  • No long-term perspective of capital expenditures results in poor understanding of when the capex needs occur and how long is needed for implementation 
  • Slow and time-consuming processes, which lead to miscommunication between stakeholders and decision makers
  • Lack of standardized and uniform capex request formats making it hard, or even impossible, to compare and prioritize in a relevant way 
  • Delays in execution of already made strategic decisions 
  • Absence of, or insufficient follow up of requests due to no standardized method 
  • Challenging to find the information you are looking for
  • Version handling and control
  • Poor transparency and many capex requests in parallel resulting in poor traceability
  • Capex requests are often analyzed in isolation, making the prioritization work difficult
  • Insufficient investment-time plans and lack of information when the capex needs occur

Why use Weissr® Capital Expenditure software?


  • Inefficient process​
  • Time consuming​
  • Error-prone​
  • Lacks transparency​

Client/Server Workflow

  • In-house SharePoint/Lotus Notes
  • Limited/no capex functionality
  • Difficult to administer and quickly outdated
  • Expensive to manage

Generic SaaS

  • EPM/PPM/BPM not purposely built for capex
  • Offering improved access, implementation, and compliance

Weissr® Capex Budget & Management

  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital
  • Completely digitized process
  • Transparency, control and overview 
  • Prioritize between capexes
  • Compare budget alternatives
  • Cutting-edge inhouse software development
  • Allows fast and fact-based decision-making
  • Industry leading implementation and integration

Weissr® Capex Strategy

  • Complete capital allocation system for maximizing  long-term cash flow from a whole company point of view
  • Identify, agree on and implement the optimal capex strategies
  • Identify what investment creates value and which that does not
  • Developed by the global thought-leaders on understanding capital expenditures

*Capex Strategy will govern the Capex Budget & Management processes

Long-term cash flow improvements

There are of course exceptions, but most companies have yet to address the digitalization of their capital allocations processes. The first processes to be digitized have been the accounting processes of a more transactional nature.

Most companies we talk to are still using outdated combinations of SharePoint, Excel, Lotus/IBM Notes and e-mails which is quite far from being innovative in 2021. There is, in other words, a lot to gain and the required actions are not as exhaustive as one might think. 


The first step towards becoming state-of-the-art in capital allocation is to implement a solution which eliminates the most common inefficiencies; extensive manual work, printouts and emails. Requests are created manually in various versions, forms, standards, tweaked local versions, and adjusted calculations to support own causes.

Decision makers are reviewing and possibly approving inconsistent material, follow-up is ignored, slow and labor intensive approval process, the set business process is not adhered to, corporate control is limited, people-dependent process, difficult to compare and find the most attractive value adding projects, A surprising number of companies we meet are still at “Step 1”. 

Client/Server Workflow

The second step is to use any sort of client/server solution. Many of our customers had previously developed their own solutions. Typically based on Excel and e-mails (as in Step 1) combined with SharePoint, Lotus/IBM Notes, or similar. The benefit is that data is stored in fewer places, but not all of it. Generally it is only written descriptions, whilst additional capex-related data is located somewhere else . This means that several systems are still needed to cover the whole capital allocation process.

Other challenges with the client/server-based solution is the limited capex-specific functionality, it is labor-intensive and troublesome to maintain and to keep updated. In addition to this, it is expensive to run. There is, however, a monetary upside of having reached Step 2, many times it can deliver a 0-5% cash flow improvement. 

Generic SAAS

The third step on the path towards state of the art is to add ERP/EPM/BPM into the picture. This enables integration and utilization of data between several systems. No system can operate individually as an isolated island without communicating with surrounding systems.

Some companies have learned how to adapt and use these solutions to the full extent resulting in improved data utilization, access, and compliance.  Even though these solutions offer considerably improved functionality compared to Steps 1 and 2, generic SaaS solutions are not developed specifically for Capexes and the capital allocation process. Purpose-built solutions will (or at least should) take organizations’ capex process to the next level delivering improved efficiencies, cost reductions, and better decisions.

Having said this, compared to being in Step 1 (i.e. doing nothing at all), corporations can expect a long-term cash flow improvement of 0-5% when adopting a generic SaaS solution.   

Weissr® Capex Budget & Management

This end-to-end solution has been developed specifically for the capital allocation process and nothing else. It has features and functionalities to aid corporations in every step of the process, ranging from initial ideas to the post-project reviews including capital budgeting. It digitizes the entire process to gain transparency, corporate control and overview.

Weissr® Capex ensures that each production unit follows the same process and templates, enabling comparisons, prioritizations and better decision making. All of the above will save time and money and enable companies to focus on core activities rather than spending time on redundant administrative tasks such as chasing data and confirming its validity. All –in all, we hear that many of our customers improve their cash flow generation 10% on average. Having said this, McKinsey and AT Kearny have found that digitizing the capex process can generate up to 20% in improved cash flow!

There is, however, even more to gain, and you would be surprised how many billions of dollars  are wasted every single year due to exactly this. In a study by PwC, leading telecom operators are wasting $65B or about 20% of their capexes annually.

Weissr® Capex Strategy

All corporations have a capital allocation process – for better or worse. Most companies believe that the decisions being made are optimal from a cash flow perspective. Very few would acknowledge that sub-optimal decisions are being made every single day and this is for one reason; they do not know better.

We are all being taught at universities that KPIs such as NPVs, Paybacks, IRR or PI are appropriate to use. These are not wrong when used in the right context. However, these KPIs are useless without a well-defined overall Capex Strategy as a foundation. In the whitepaper “The tail wags the dog,” this topic is explained in detail.

With a Weissr® Capex Strategy in place, you can be confident that the right decisions will be made in the right place and time. You will avoid making the wrong decisions that waste resources and destroy shareholder value. With Weissr® Capex Strategy, the whole capital allocation process is incorporated starting with the overall Capex Strategy. It will feed the capital budgeting process with valuable information and it will finally ensure that the day-to-day capex decisions do not deviate from the overall strategy. When all is aligned, the Weissr® Capex Strategy solution will improve your long-term cash flow by up to 100%! 

Weissr® Capex Management

The Weissr® Capex Management process starts with the registration of a capex request in which you add the details in a customized capex request form. You have time to work on your requests in peace and quiet until you move to the preparation, analysis, and routing phase where it becomes visible for all users with the right permissions. When the capex request has been vetted, discussed, and scrutinized, it is released for approval. It is processed through the designated approval route to the capex decision phase.

The approval process is an automated process built to enable collaboration between stakeholders and decision makers. Capex requests are reviewed at multiple authority levels, usually depending on requested amount. When a capex is finally approved it moves to the execution and monitoring phase where all ongoing capital expenditures can be followed and allows for easy overview of whether a project is proceeding according to plan and if any actions need to be taken. When a project has been finalized it moves into the follow-up phase for the post completion review of the capex. Defined KPIs are followed up regularly over a defined period, enabling systematic evaluation of all capex projects. This provides unique insight and the ability to learn from your projects.

Worth noting is that Weissr® Capex Management allows for tailored approaches for different sizes of requests. Many of our customers have small, medium, and large request tracks that allows for efficient and accurate capex request processing.




Reach the next level with Weissr® Capex Strategy

To take complete control over your capital allocation process and to make sure that every single capex decision is aligned with the overall capex strategy, the whole Weissr® Capex suite should be used. The Weissr® Capex Strategy module will be implemented with the Capex Management and Budgeting modules. By integrating the capex strategy with the capex management process, you get the tools and knowledge to avoid all the pitfalls that traditional capex strategies would expose you to, employing a top-down perspective on your capital expenditures to make better decisions.