Weissr Capex Management

Weissr® Capex Management ensures that the discrete Capex decisions are in line with the overall Asset Strategy to maximize long-term cash flow, automate the work process, increase the transparency, standardization, and accountability throughout the process from idea through approval routing to follow-up.

Take control of the capital allocation process


The Weissr Capex Management system helps capital intensive organizations to maximize long-term cash flow by:

  • directing capexes to where long-term value creation is more likely to take place and ensure that the execution doesn’t stray from the long-term Asset Strategy
  • identifying the potential in Capex Projects when they are registered, evaluated, approved, managed and followed-up over time
  • institutionalizing the focus on long-term cash flow throughout the organization
  • managing capital projects lifecycle processes workflow from the early planning phase to execution and follow-up over time
  • aligning capex requests with the budget that is defined in the Asset Strategy
  • automatizing the approval process
weissr asset strategy


The Weissr Capex Management process module ensures that the selected long-term Asset Strategy is followed. The Weissr Capex Management module:

  • connects the long-term Asset Strategy and capital budgeting processes to the discrete Capex decision
  • visualizes and manages project workflow from the early planning phase through execution and follow-up with data recognition, flexibility, and maintainability
  • integrates the Capex Management process, using a proven method with standardized templates in outcomes such as calculations and reporting
  • guides and restricts the day-to-day processes of allocating capital expenditures. Presents summarized information for each approval level and offer interactive functionality allowing shortcuts to project information in various parts of the process

Weissr Capex Management

Align capital budgeting, planning and individual capex decisions with the Asset Strategy tool.

  • Helps to avoid the capital allocation pitfalls in other major Capex Management solutions, as described in “The Capex Process – The tail wags the dog
  • automates your workflow
  • conclusions and restrictions from the Asset Strategy govern the Capex Management process
  • standardization of models and templates and utilize customized Weissr cash flow models
  • developed by Weissenrieder & Co, the global leaders in industrial Asset Strategy & Capex Management practices and theory since 1994

Weissr is divided into two main modules: the Weissr Asset Strategy module and the Weissr Capex Management module.

The modules are interrelated in the sense that the Weissr Asset Strategy module provides the Weissr Capex Management module with restrictions when it comes to capex projects. This is to ensure that capex projects are managed according to the current long-term Asset Strategy.

One system for all Capex Management, including software, method, process, implementation, training, and support.

One system for all Capex Management

The overall purpose of the Weissr Capex Management tool is to efficiently support the process in which identified potential Capex Projects are registered, evaluated, approved/dismissed/postponed, managed, and followed-up over time.

The data forms and models used in the tool are built and customized to each customer using the same engine as in the Weissr Asset Strategy tool. This ensures data recognition, flexibility, and maintainability.

Automate the Capex Management workflow

Use the Weissr Capex Management tool for defining and visualization of the capital project lifecycle to incorporate different company needs and business requirements. Summarize information for each approval level and offer interactive functionality allowing shortcuts to project information in various parts of the process.

When used together with the Weissr Asset Strategy tool, Weissr Capex Management prevents undesired projects from bypassing the current Asset Strategy. It also motivates companies to direct capexes to where long term value creation is more likely to take place.

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