Weissr Asset Strategy

The Weissr® Asset Strategy tool enables leadership teams in large industrial corporations to identify, agree on, and implement optimal asset strategies. The selected Asset Strategy will govern the Capex Management process, ensuring that each individual capex follows the selected strategy – leading to what is best for the company from a whole-business perspective.

Weissr decisions for increased cash flow


The Weissr system helps capital intensive organizations to maximize long-term cash flow by facilitating a proven process that:

  • Finds the most valuable and robust Asset Strategy
  • Creates buy-in from the participants in the process
  • Ensures that the Capex Management execution does not stray from the long-term strategy
  • Institutionalizes focus on long-term cash flow throughout the organization
weissr asset strategy


The Weissr system empowers leadership teams in large industrial corporations to identify, agree on and implement optimal asset strategies. The selected long-term Asset Strategy is connected to the Capex Management process and guides and restricts the day-to-day processes of allocating capital expenditures – not the other way around. By doing so, the value delivered to shareholders increases significantly.

As explained here: The Capex Process – The tail wags the dog, a Capex Management process that ranks and selects capexes based on NPV/payback/etc of each project will lead to lower company cash flow and value.

Weissr Asset Strategy

Create, update and, maintain an optimal Asset Strategy for a system of sites.

  • create, update, and scrutinize a large number of whole business strategic alternatives in a controlled and productive environment – beats Excel any day.
  • carry out various sensitivity analyses and handle scenarios
  • create presentations with automated commentaries and descriptions of strategic alternatives
  • use system to understand and describe the value creation of different alternatives
  • maintain the selected strategic alternative, which governs the Capex Management process
  • integrate data to/from other systems
Weissr is divided into two main modules: the Weissr Asset Strategy module and the Weissr Capex Management module.

The modules are interrelated in the sense that the Weissr Asset Strategy module provides the Weissr Capex Management module with restrictions when it comes to capex projects. This is to ensure that capex projects are managed according to the current long-term asset strategy.

The Weissr system is a turn-key solution including software, method, process, implementation, training and support.

Unleash your full cash flow potential

The Weissr Asset Strategy tool makes it easy to create company-wide Strategic Alternatives – it is at its best in truly complex footprint environments.

Periodically the current Asset Strategy needs to be challenged with new ideas, this is especially true every time the footprint of the asset structure changes–such as after an acquisition.

Have a strategy analysis ready to be used

The Weissr Asset Strategy tool makes it easy to re-use site-specific strategies over and over again in more complex multi-site strategic alternatives. Once a company has created a list of strategic building blocks it is possible to, in a very short period of time, create many full-scale strategic alternatives by combining several compatible strategic building blocks. Updating a strategic building block automatically updates all strategic alternatives using the block.

The Asset Strategy tool includes built-in standard and ad-hoc sensitivity tools to evaluate how robust a strategic alternative is depending on varying input values of different variables.

Have your strategy answered when needed!

At the end of an Asset Strategy project/update, one strategic alternative is chosen as the base for the Recommendation for Action. A strategy is formulated and capex process restrictions and recommendations are listed per site/line/machine. The focus is on maintaining the integrity of the strategy and using it to influence and control the day-to-day capital expenditures process. At this stage the selected strategic alternative changes to “current strategy.”

The Asset Strategy Tool is seamlessly integrated with the Weissr Capex Management tool, but can also be connected to external capex administration tools.

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