Redesigning Capex Strategy

Published by McGraw Hill

We have finally written our book on Capex Strategy! After having worked with our capex strategy process and tool with our clients for twenty years, we are now sharing our experiences and knowledge with you.

“Must-have book for those who need to redesign capital allocation and capex strategies.”

Gustavo Werneck, President & CEO, Gerdau

“Having implemented the ‘Weissenrieder’ process in a material and successful way, I was very pleased to see Fredrik and Daniel publishing an easy-to-understand book to be passed down through our organization. It will forever change how you and your Team think about capital management!”

Howard Coker, President & CEO, Sonoco

“Fredrik and Daniel have developed an approach to assessing and prioritizing long-term capex strategies capable of having a meaningfully positive financial impact for decades to come. We have actively deployed their approach to capex allocation and have executed investments that are creating real competitive advantage.”

Stephen Scherger, EVP & CFO, Graphic Packaging International

About the book

A proven capital expenditure method to sustainably increase cash flow by 20100% through a systems-thinking approach to capex decisions, replacing today’s piecemeal decision-making. 

Why do shorter payback CapEx projects lower company cash flow? Why is a CapEx project’s return – even with correct assumptions – irrelevant to company cash flow and value? Why do companies struggle with their performance and cash flow despite implementing fantastic capex projects year in, year out?

This groundbreaking guide provides a brand-new approach that you can use to vastly improve the impact of your capex decisions―and dramatically increase company cash flow. It’s all about focusing on more sustainable operations and processes from an enterprise-portfolio perspective. The authors have proven time after time that competitiveness and sustainability―financially and environmentally―go hand in hand.  How and where you invest your budget makes all the difference between organization success and failure. How could it be any other way? Yet, business leaders consistently and almost universally fail to grasp this fundamental fact.

Whether you’re an executive, board member, consultant, or in any other way involved in critical capex decisions, Redesigning CapEx Strategy shows how to get the absolute best return on your production system investments. 

“This book, and the related practical work process, provide the critical missing link between capital expenditure planning and corporate strategy.”

Alexander Toeldte, Chairman of the Board, Clearwater Paper

“Why not to challenge our capex allocation processes? Are we really exploring important points with a long-term view? This book brings a new approach to the capex. We at Klabin were well pleased with the results after 2 projects with Fredrik and Daniel, both with involvement of our team, data mining, generating ideas and options, having thrilling discussions on scenarios and opportunities, and generating great results!”

Francisco Razzolini, Executive Director & CTO, Klabin

“The simplicity in the methodology has helped us to focus on company cash flow and long term strategy. We have a much better understanding of the relationship between investments and long-term shareholder value. The book is as the methodology – easy to read and easy to understand!

Henrik Sjölund, President & CEO of Holmen