Weissr® Capital Budgeting

Weissr® Capital Budgeting automatizes and integrates the investment and budgeting processes. Create a simple and efficient workflow when collaborating with your colleagues on many different budget alternatives whilst building the future of the company. Follow-up on budgets, comparison of budget scenarios, deviation reports, and analyses have never been easier!

The single most important reason why companies exist, i.e. capital allocation to create shareholder value, is often neglected when digitizing the financial processes. Instead, many companies are continuing with sub-optimized processes relying on manual processes and lose due to zero digitalization. We, the world’s CAPEX Experts know that all successful companies must, and will, move from analog to digital processes within the next decade. Why give your competitors a head start? Take the lead! 




One click to gather, sort, and visualize discrete capex requests to form an initial budget portfolio 


Easily update assumptions for capex requests included in a budget.


Contingency funds per production unit/region/division.

Collaboration and sharing of tasks e.g., per user group/production unit/region/division.


Prioritize and compare discrete capital expenditures and budget portfolios.

Evaluation of capex requests with standard KPIs.
Role-based user access, aligned with your SSO
Comprehensive investment plans
Advanced search and filter functionality to quickly find what you are looking for 
Transparent detailed change log
Automatic notifications for decision makers and stakeholders
Automated and streamlined end-to end workflow from the capex request to post-completion review
Collaboration and sharing of tasks, e.g. per user group/production unit/region/division
Create a budget portfolio in seconds rather than weeks
Manages multiple currencies, FX-rates, Tac rated, WACCs, etc
Continuous monitoring of the approved capex budget with status overview and reallocations 
Overview of initial capex requested vs actual capex spent
Weissr® Capex budgeting is developed by Weissenrieder & Co. the global thought leader on capital allocation and the authors of “Capex Wars” and “The Tail Wags the Dog”.

Weissr® Capex Strategy and Capex Budgeting enables companies to avoid the common pitfalls of capital allocation such as maximizing the sum  of individual project Net Present Values or rankings based on shortest pay back instead of focusing the budget on executing the chosen long term strategy maximizing overall business value. Counterintuitively (to many) shorter average pay-back on investments tend to lead to weaker companies compared to companies executing strategies with a strong lean towards an active capital allocation from sites with many smaller, shorter pay-back needs towards businesses and sites with larger, competitiveness strengthening opportunities that often have longer pay pack back.

Weissr® Capex is a smarter, leaner and a collaborative workspace that enable companies to leverage their long term Capex strategy through the budgeting process.

Weissr® Capex budgeting allows for a process of finding the best allocation of capital and ensures the suggested budget is infused by the long term strategy. Always with the aim to maximize long term cash flow, not short term pay back.


The fully automated and cloud-based Weissr® Capex system allows for a leaner, faster, more accurate and transparent Capex process. Not only by establishing and deciding upon a Capex budget, but also by facilitating an automated post-completion review regime – including early warnings when deviations occur.


Weissr® enables large corporations to work both in parallel (e.g. between divisions) and in collaboration. A community including file-sharing, time plans, status updates and chats provides the relevant stakeholders with a forum for communication and for receiving relevant information and updates.


In close collaboration with our global customers our Client Success and Development Teams are constantly evolving Weissr® Capex product, making Weissr® Smarter, Leaner and more Collaborative.


Pain points & challenges 

Many companies are still relying on old and manual processes to create, develop, and approve Capital Budgets. Of course, this is inefficient from a time and cost perspective since this method demands large amounts of resources year after year in almost any part of the budgeting process.  

These are common challenges associated with the capital budgeting process:

  • Non-standardized process results in extensive manual work 
  • Collection, sorting, and aggregation of data is labor intensive
  • Prioritization between capexes 
  • Comparisons between budgets and scenarios
  • Overview and capex planning on a short-, medium-, and long-term perspective 
  • Collaboration and sharing of tasks 
  • Verify that data is based on the latest version 
  • Create and test various alternatives of budgets before approving one 
  • Continuous follow-up and re-allocations between projects over the year 
  • Create a connection/link between capital budget and discrete capital expenditures