Weissr® Capex Management & Capital budgeting is developed by Weissenrieder & Co, the international leader in Capex Strategy and Capex Management.

We enable clients to optimize Capex Strategy decisions – thereby maximizing their cash flow.

We have since 1994 established long term capex strategies for over 700 production sites on 6 continents and have advised on assets with a replacement value of 362B USD.

Our unique methods and systems enable industrial companies to optimize their Capex Strategy and capital allocation in order to maximize their total cash flow.


What we do as a company

1994: Weissenrieder is founded in Sweden. Fredrik Weissenrieder finalizes his Master’s degree in Economics and gets his first assignments within capex management and capex allocation. He starts developing the principles of what will later become the Weissr® Capex Strategy tool and process. 1995: Continues work on Capex Strategy projects throughout Europe. 2000: First license sold. The first Capex Strategy tools are licensed to a large European utility company and a multi-national packaging company. 2006: First Capex Strategy project in North America. It’s been our number one market since 2008. First Capex Strategy project in APAC. 2015: Opens office in Riga. Weissenrieder opens up a development center in Riga, Latvia. 2017: First Capex Strategy project in South America. Weissenrieder & Co establishes a presence in South America. 2018: Launching Weissr® Capex. The capex suite covering all three aspects of Capex Planning, Strategy, Budgeting and Management, is launched and licensed to European and North American corporations. Sharing thought-leadership. After 20 years of working intensely with capex strategies and complex capex situations, Weissenrieder infuses all their knowledge and understanding of capex situations into the Weissr®Capex Suite. 2020: Weissr® Capex SaaS sold to first South American corporation. 2021: Weissr® Capex Saas sold to first Asian corporation.

We have served capital-intensive
industries for more than 25 years.


We deliver 100% buy-in
in all our Capex Strategy projects.


We grew our workforce
by over 50% in 2020.


Weissenrieder & Co. was
founded in 1994.


We’ve worked on
projects involving plants
on 6 continents.

362 BUSD

We have advised on assets with a
replacement value of 362BUSD.


We have helped more
than 700 production sites.


We have worked with 4 of the 10
largest packaging companies.


We’ve successfully completed
projects in > 10 industries.

Our groundbreaking take on capital allocation

In the white paper, “The Capex Process The Tail Wags the Dog”, we describe how companies apply their capex process, and how universities teach us to make capex decisions, lead to massive capital destruction. Almost all companies in all industries evaluate capex decisions in basically the same way.


The Tail Wags the Dog


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