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Weissenrieder & Co works mainly in Europe and the Americas with the capex processes in larger capital intensive corporations. We have identified severe problems within traditional Capex Management, causing waste of capital.

The main reasons behind the problems are the very methods, perspectives, processes, and systems used by industrial corporations for supporting major asset decisions such as capital expenditures, asset closures, and capital allocation among production sites.


Weissr® has been developed by Weissenrieder & Co to enable companies to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional investment process and increase the success rate of the companies’ capital allocation decisions.

It is essential for all companies to find the best Capex Strategy and capex decisions, maximizing cash flow going forward. Weissr® is unique – and industry changing – since it enables the complete handling from the Capex Strategy to the Capex management in the same system, institutionalizing the focus on long-term cash flow.


We have over 25 years of capex experience


We have helped over 700
production sites worldwide


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